General Terms and Conditions

  1. aims at bringing Ukrainian refugees and Austrian employers together. This platform is free of charge for both refugees and employers and has the purpose to help jobseekers and foster integration and financial stability.
  2. The partner is solely responsible for compliance with all laws, regulations, (tax) levies, proof of residence and employment permit and the like, not only but especially in connection with an employment relationship that is to be initiated or already active. Any liability thereof for is excluded.
  3. is a cooperation between GmbH, Recruiting GmbH, hokify GmbH and eRecruiter GmbH. For the purpose of this website, solely GmbH will be business partner in this business relationship.
  4. These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "GTC") apply to the entire business relationship between GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "") and a company (hereinafter referred to as "partner") and govern the mutual rights and obligations between the contracting parties.
  1. Subject of the contract, publishing
    1. offers the partner to publish job advertisements [“Stelleninserate”] for Ukrainian refugees on this website. The partner’s job advertisements are published solely on this website, they will not be published in any other distribution channels.
    2. services can be used on current end devices, browsers and operating systems. However, does not undertake to support specific versions, devices or software.
    3. For contracting, it is necessary that the partner has a registered account. This allows partner to manage the job advertisement during the publishing period.
    4. The publishing of the job advertisements is free of charge.
  2. Rights and Obligations
    1. The job advertisements may only be used for the partner's own purposes and may not be advertised for third parties. They shall only be published if they are clearly identifiable as job advertisements for Ukrainian refugees of the respective partner (especially in design).
    2. Each job advertisement may only contain one position with a matching job description. The content must refer to a specific vacant position or activity.
    3. The job advertisement must be in English.
    4. The publication of own tracking codes and interactive elements is not permitted. Linking to job advertisements published on other job platforms is neither permitted. Links to external websites of third parties which are not part of the agreement between and the partner may be removed by at any time and without further notice.
    5. When publishing job advertisements, the “Apply now” button is permanently integrated. Using the standardised application form. Job applications are transmitted to the partner’s e-mail-address. Applications getting stored in database of for 7 months for security and legal reasons..
    6. is at no time obliged to check the materials provided. assumes no liability, irrespective of the legal basis, for any illegal content, infringements of rights of use or similar. In the event of claims being made against by third parties, the partner shall indemnify and hold entirely harmless.
    7. The partner undertakes to design advertisements in accordance with applicable Austrian Laws, e.g. the Equal Opportunities Act [Gleichbehandlungsgesetz]. This also includes stating the applicable minimum wage under collective agreements or the applicable minimum wage basis for the advertised job and indicating the willingness to make an above-average payment, if such exists. In the event that is held liable by third parties for violations committed by the partner, the partner shall fully indemnify and hold harmless.
    8. In the event that a third party asserts any kind of claims, will, in the sense of "notice and take down", take any potentially fraudulent or illegal content, in particular content infringing copyrights and trademarks, offline until the facts of the case have been clarified. is not obliged to inform the partner about this measure. If the measure proves to be unnecessary, will extend the publishing period by the length of time the material was offline.
    9. In this product form, the partner is deemed the responsible data controller and the processor in terms of GDPR. The corresponding VEREINBARUNG ZUR AUFTRAGSDATENVERARBEITUNG is deemed to be agreed between the contracting parties.
    10. The contracting parties are obliged to process data protection enquiries from data subjects that reach them either directly or via the other contracting party without delay and to take appropriate measures in due time. The measures shall be confirmed in writing to the other contracting party after completion.
    11. is not obliged to retain data or other materials after termination of the contract.
  3. Rights of use and intellectual property
    1. The partner assures that no legal or other provisions or rights of third parties are violated by the materials submitted and is solely responsible and liable for the delivery of flawless, suitable and admissible materials (most often, the logo).
    2. The partner grants an unrestricted right of use of all materials provided by the partner for the duration of the business relationship between the contracting parties. Once the business relationship has ended, the partner may revoke the right of use, whereupon will – where technically possible – remove the content.
    3. The partner guarantees that they have all the necessary rights of use for all the materials they make available, and in particular that they have the consent of any persons depicted for publication. In the event of claims being made against by third parties, the partner shall indemnify and hold entirely harmless.
    4. If the partner loses their right of use, it is their duty to inform of this circumstance in writing without delay.
    5. All intellectual property rights, especially, but not exclusively, copyrights and trademark rights as well as unprotected inventions or know-how, and rights of use derived therefrom, shall remain with
  4. Duration of contract
    1. Generally, the job advertisement shall be published for 60 days. Before expiring, the partner receives an e-mail to be reminded of the expiration. This reminder will contain a link with which the partner shall extend the publication period for another 60 days. However, reserves the right to shorten the publishing period at its sole discretion and without explanation. The partner has no right to any claims from such a shortening.
    2. reserves the right not to publish job advertisements or to amend, deactivate or delete them at any time if they violate legal or official prohibitions, these GTC or morality, or if publication is unacceptable to for any other reason. For example, this is (though not exclusively) the case if uninvolved third parties may suspect that publication on
      • is subject to misuse, i.e. has been made for a purpose other than that agreed (application of the partner as an employer or similar), or
      • could lead to damage or impairment of the website's functionality, or
      • could otherwise lead to serious violations of corporate interests of
      Further, the following are inadmissible:
      • Advertising for participation in illegal structural distributions;
      • Job offers for pornographic and erotic services;
      • Offers that require applicants to pay upfront for products or events without any binding assurance of employment;
      • Offers which require applicants to register in advance for, or attend further and advanced training courses without a direct chance of being hired.
    3. In addition to 4.2., any contract may be terminated immediately and without notice if there is good cause. Good cause shall be deemed to exist, for example, but not conclusively, if
      1. a contracting party violates relevant provisions of these GTC;
      2. the business activity is discontinued regardless of the reasons;
      3. the partner violates applicable data protection provisions, in particular those affecting the rights of data subjects (e.g. failure to carry out deletion);
      4. the partner makes materials available even though they do not hold sufficient rights of use to these materials;
    4. If the partner violates any provisions of this agreement, reserves the right to claim damages from the partner, especially but not exclusively legal fees.
  5. Warranty, compensation and liability
    1. Despite the greatest care on the part of, the partner acknowledges that it is not possible, given the state of the art, to create a completely error-free program. Errors in the presentation of requested information shall not be deemed to exist if this is caused by the use of unsuitable presentation software or hardware, or by failures in the communication network.
    2. assures standard access options to the websites. However, the partner is aware that permanent (24/7) availability cannot be guaranteed, due to factors such as maintenance work on programmes and hardware. Wherever possible, will carry out maintenance work, updates and similar work in such a way that downtimes do not occur or are kept as short as possible.
    3. is not liable in the event of temporary inaccessibility of the websites, in particular if this is due to failures in communication or other networks or third-party providers.
    4. is only liable in cases of intent or gross negligence. Compensation for loss of profit by is excluded in any case.
    5. is not liable for the quality or amount of incoming application.
  6. Further consents
    1. is at its own discretion entitled to use the logo as well as the partners’ name as a testimonial on the website.
    2. The partner agrees to be contacted by GmbH, Recruiting GmbH, hokify GmbH and eRecruiter GmbH regarding products and services for partners of by email or other means of communication, e.g. social media, or by telephone.
    3. The partner is entitled to revoke this consent at any time and without justification by email to or by using the unsubscribe link in the respective newsletter.
  7. Final provisions
    1. The business relationship shall be governed exclusively by Austrian law, to the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and the conflict of laws provisions. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for disputes arising from or in connection with the business relationship shall be the competent court in Linz/Danube.
    2. The authoritative language for all information, GTC as well as for communication with the partner is German. English will be accepted as practical language. Upon request, documents in other languages may also to be submitted to in a German translation, and upon further request, translated by a court-certified translator. The partner shall bear the costs for this.
    3. The partner is obliged to notify immediately of any changes in his contact details. Until such time is entitled to address all notices arising from this contractual relationship to the most recently notified contact data. In addition, the user shall keep email addresses available to receive messages from (in particular, the user shall adjust the security settings of his/her computer system accordingly). Messages sent to the last contact details provided shall be deemed to have been delivered.
    4. Notifications from the partner are to be sent to the addresses listed in the imprint of the website (
    5. Should any provisions of these GTC be invalid in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected thereby.
    6. There are no verbal ancillary agreements. All agreements, amendments, supplements, collateral agreements, etc. must be in writing in order to be valid. This shall also apply to any waiver of the written form requirement. Communications by email satisfy the written form requirement.